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10 Hollywood Actresses From Rags To Riches

Check out some of the best known actresses who rose to stardom after living a life of poverty. These are true rags to riches stories…

10. Selena Gomez.

 Things were not always this glamorous for Selena Gomez. Once her parents divorced, at age five, she and her mother were reduced to very poor economic conditions. It wasn’t uncommon for their car to run out of gas, searching the vehicle for a coin to help them reach their destination. Her mother worked real hard to give her daughter a normal life, though, and it all worked out in the end.

9. Demi Moore

Demi Moore was a “trailer park” child, and lived in poverty. Her parents were  alcoholics and she often encountered physical violence at home. She moved out at the young age of 16 to escape.



8. Kate Winslet

Kate grew up in poverty too. Although she is a top paid actress, her life at home with her parents left her wearing hand-me-downs. While that’s not uncommon in even middle-class homes, Kate wore size 11, which is large to say the least. That could be a difficult feat, no pun intended.  The Winslet’s had difficult economic times largely because her dad was an out-of-work actor.


7. Sarah Jessica Parker

Coming from a very large family, Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t get to enjoy life’s luxuries, like Christmas presents, which were absent quite often. They regularly bought their Christmas trees on Christmas Eve, when prices were reduced.


6. Viola Davis

In her own words, this actress states openly that she was raised in “abject poverty”. There was no guarantee that there would be a next meal coming. As a child, Viola had to do everything to get that meal, including jumping into maggot filled garbage bins and stealing food. She also made friends with those who belonged to families that could provide her three meals each day.



5. Hilary Swank

Hilary’s friends actually stopped letting her into their homes because she lived in a trailer park that was indicative of a lower-income status.  That oughta show them. Now, she’s a star, accomplished, successful, and beautiful.


4. Leighton Meester

These stories only get more intense as we go along. This Gossip Girl was born in a prison!!! Oh yes, mom was serving time for smuggling. So, Leighton spent the first three months in a halfway house, and was later sent off to live with grandma. Now, if that’s not a rags to riches story, I don’t know what is.


3. Eartha Kitt

Eartha’s mom was raped by the son of the cotton plantation owner, where she worked. Eartha is half black and half white, the outcome of this rape. She was rejected by Eartha’s boyfriend because she wasn’t completely black. Anyway, she went on to street side entertainment, and then a life-changing audition put her on the map.


2. Olga Kurylenko

Olga lived with her divorced mother in extreme poverty in Russia until she went to Moscow at age 14. A modeling scout recruited her and well, more rags to riches.



1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah tops this list for many reasons. She is the ultimate self-made woman in global history. She was born to a maid. They were so poor that she made her dresses with potato sacks. Things only got worse for this icon, as some of her relatives molested her at the age of nine, and her cousin even raped her. She left home at the age of 13 because of the abuse. Here, we can really say that the rest is history. She is the richest self-made women ever.


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