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3 Foods You’d Be Amazed Are Junk But Labelled Healthy!!! Still Think You’re Eating Right?

These 3 foods you think are healthy are actually a health risk.What do you mean this is unhealthy…the package says it’s good for me. Unfortunately, loopholes allow marketing companies to tell fibs. Be vigilant. There are ingredients that could be putting your health at risk, as well as your kids’ health.

With all the information at everyone’s fingertips, it’s evident that more people are trying to eat healthier. Now, more people are aware of the hidden ingredients in their packaged foods, but some still don’t realize that their choices are still bad. Check this out.

  1. Flavored oatmeal.

Run. The real stuff is real good for you, but flavored oatmeal is loaded with sugar. Not good!

2. Low-fat foods.

Foods like “low fat” yogurt or salad dressing often make up for that by loading their product with extra sugar. Read on and don’t just trust what the claims say on the package.

3.  Nut Butters.

Low-fat nut butters are not good for you. Their healthy fats have been removed. In their natural form, all nuts are really healthy and good for you. So, eat them raw, or choose a product that includes just a couple of ingredients.