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7 Awesome Hacks for a Better and Easier Life

A happy home is a functional home. When you use these tips below, you’ll make life easier and more convenient. So, your family can be as organized and comfortable as can be.

  1. Got some nailing to do? Thread dirty nails through work gloves to avoid putting them in your mouth!



2. Don’t hurt your thumb when hammering a nail. Use a comb to support it and hammer away without any fear.




3. Make cooking easier with this cooking hack. Clip your cookbook or recipe to a clothes hanger and hang it on your cabinet pulls.




4. No more dings in your bumper with this garage parking guide. Hang a ball from the ceiling to the exact point where it meets your windshield. As soon as you park your car, you know you’re right on target when the ball touches your windshield. Wondering why you didn’t think of that?



5. Clean your bathroom fixtures without harmful chemicals. They’ll shine bright, free of lime and calcium deposits with a little help from a lemon.




6. Your next paint job will be a breeze with this home-improvement hack. Take a break without getting dust or dirt on your paintbrush by resting it in a bottle. Genius, right?



7. Sharpen your scissors with ease. Just use foil paper and cut it with the dull pair of scissors. They’ll be as good as new when your done.



Little tips like these go a long way. Don’t forget to share them with your friends. Everyone could use a little (or a lot) of help from time to time.