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She Uses The Steam Iron To Do This? Wow, And It Works!!!

The iron is a common small appliance that has its place in the home. But, it has different uses that will change the way you look at this not-so-loved item. In fact, you may fall in love with it and have a whole new respect for the steam iron after reading this life hack.

Accidents happen everyday in the home, but the iron can come to the rescue. See how…

  1. Redecorating and want new furniture placement but the rug is completely flattened by heavy furniture. Don’t worry. Use the steam iron to fluff up rug. Begin by loosening the carpet fibers with a spoon, while using the steam over the area. Voila, the steam should work to make it look brand new.
  2. Got a dent in your wooden table? No worries. Poke the area around the dent with a pin. Apply a clean, white damp cloth on the area to treat and press on the steam button while ironing the cloth. The moisture will enable the wood to swell. It’ll be good as new.
  3. Romantic candlelight in the bedroom can lead to wax on your linens. Again, no need to worry, nor do you have to replace your fine linens. Fix it by placing 2 or 3 sheets of paper towels on the wax and press over gently. In no time, the wax should melt away and transfer onto the towels. The trick is to move the paper towels often to avoid redepositing the wax on the linens.