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A Luxury Treehouse Hotel!!! Where?

A getaway that’s in touch with nature, but without all the hard work of camping isn’t in your imagination anymore. Of course, you’ll have to travel to Germany to find it at the Hotel Robins Nest. We’re talking nature at its best but without the sleeping bag. Instead, you sleep in unique treehouses.

Each treehouse hotel room is unique and stunning in its own way. Rustic design keeps it real.



All the hotel rooms are perched in the trees, so you get an incredible view anywhere you look!



Each room is charmingly decorated with rustic appeal.


Truly a stunning place to re-energize and get away from all the busyness of the big city life. Granted, be prepared when visiting that there is no plumbing in the rooms, and instead, guests use a shared bathroom. There’s also no Wi-Fi service. The experience is all about get away from the usual demands of modern times.



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Source: Hotel Robins Nest