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A Retired Marine Did THIS At Fenway Park And He Left 30,000 People IN BITS!

The retired Marine corps Sgt. Dan Clark is undoubtedly a patriotic man. He was given the opportunity to sing ‘God Bless America’ at Fenway Park and he seized the chance. It would fulfill one of his lifetime goals. He was so glad that he did it, and honestly, so are we!

This guy is a veteran, and a brave man! Plus, he’s also got a great voice. He touches the majority of the crowd when he starts singing in the seventh inning break with his serious skills. You never know, he may even have a new career ahead of him recording music…

This is America at its greatest. A reminder that there are brave soldiers who respect the flag and our fellow people.

Take a look at the retired marine at Fenway Park…

You can see and hear his love for his country!

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