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Adele Joins James Corden For Carpool Karaoke And Predictably NAILS IT!

Adele and are two of the United Kingdom’s biggest exports. The two Brits are such huge stars now worldwide that they can cause quite a stir when they get together. And get together they have for a skit on Corden’s Late, Late Show. It’s for the popular ‘Carpool Karaoke’ section which sees a little impromptu singing behind the wheel.

Adele is arguably the world’s biggest singing sensation, with her new album out smashing records and dominating radio stations and TV music channels. So to team her up with the actor and host Corden (who’s picking up plenty of awards himself) was a master stroke.

Now, this is only a sneak peek… You’ve got to tune into his next show to see the full version, but if it’s half as good as this little preview makes it look, it’s going to be nothing short of EPIC! See – and hear – for yourself:



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