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Watch This Baby When He Hears His Favorite Jam – Adorable Baby Video!

When we’re in the car, what do you do when your favorite song comes on the radio? Most of us just instantaneously turn up the volume. In my car, you can’t hear a thing when my favorite song comes on the radio, and those who know me know not to interrupt. That’s something I totally have in common with this adorable baby video who loves Pitbull and wants to get his dance on.


Watch this baby when he hears his favorite jam – adorable baby video

He turns it up and starts his best dance moves, even though his mom keeps telling him to turn it down. He just keeps going, busting a move.

I know that when my favorite songs come on, my passengers know better than to make a peep. They just let me have my moment. That’s why I can totally relate to this adorable baby who wants to get his dance on.

When he hears his favorite Pitbull song come on the radio, he turns it up and starts getting down with some of the greatest dance moves I’ve ever seen. Despite his mother’s pleading to turn down the music, the little guy continues to live his best life by busting a move.

I could definitely learn a thing or two from this pint-sized master of sass.

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