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People Everywhere Are Totally Freaking Out Over This Swing – Would You Go On It?

Here’s a bucket list staple for adventure travel Haiku Stairs, in Hawaii. It’s not for everyone but it does attract hundreds of adventurers every year.

There’s a hiking trail on O’ahu Island in Hawaii where adventure travel enthusiasts climb 4,000 stairs! The views are breathtaking from the top of the Ko’olau mountain range. The problem lies in the fact that they are illegal to use. A storm made them unsafe in 1987.  But, hey, whatever…people go on these stairs regardless of the warnings and that they’re illegal. You’ll even finds hundreds of daredevil reviews about the climb of the Haiku Stairs.

To make it even more dangerous…a swing next to the trail was built, but it’s not just any swing…

Who cares, right? Go on it…risk your life…it’s only a life anyway!!! No. Really, it’s too dangerous but you’ll see a video of someone swinging over a cliff that seems to be bottomless.


Ah, be thankful for the young who love adventure and think carefully about the pros and cons. Would you go on the swing at Haiku Stairs?



Authorities were okay and angry when they realized that they were most likely been duped by some rope and a wooden plank.

Isn’t it true that, if you don’t provide total strangers with proof of your life experiences, they didn’t really happen! More about this story of pure, unadulterated stupidity, check this out.
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