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Under $1000 To Own An Awesome Arched House!

That’s true, you need Under $1000 To Own An Awesome Arched House!


They’re actually called “Arched Cabins.”


You can buy an 8′ x 8′ cabin for just $960.00 – with all the upgrades it is just $1352.00. The sizing options that the company offers their customers is rather remarkable, but what is truly remarkable is the pricing. 


Sizes range from the smaller 8′ x 8′ unit right up through to a massive 24′ x 40′ unit!

The company also delivers the arched home straight to your door and build it for you, wherever you want!


For the price, these are a steal! Think of what you could do with one of these…A play house for the kids, A GUEST HOUSE, a man cave, or a woman’s hangout, a hunting cabin, A “HOME” OFFICE,” or a complete live in home! The possibilities are endless.

Arched Cabins

Just imagine…for under $4,000, a family of 4 can have their own personal pads.

Arched Houses

There is even a trailer attachment option for an arched cabin built directly on a trailer so you can travel with your new pad!

What would you do with your Arched House?