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Are We Seeing Things Or Is That Really A Ghost On CCTV’s Footage After A Motorcycle Accident?

is this a ghost

Many people don’t believe in ghosts, how about you? Many also are on the fence about the afterlife. Whatever the case, some things we see certainly make us question things.

The video below for example, shows a terrible and tragic accident where the motorcyclist died. Right after that, it almost appears that his soul is leaving his body, hovering over it for a few seconds.

It’s really unbelievable. Are we seeing things or is that really a ghost after the motorcycle accident?

Insane right?

Of course, in this day and age, where it so easy to doctor videos, it’s probably the result of clever video editing, and possibly even a glitch in the film. However, we can’t really tell for sure so go ahead and judge for yourselves.

Witnesses rush over to attend, as the strange human-like shapes floats above the deceased


I did get the chills, how about you?