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Are You Among The Smartest People In World?

50662UNILAD imageoptim puzzle featured If You Can Find Your Name In This Puzzle Youre One Of Smartest People In World Ymblanter Via Wikimedia

People all over have been left scratching their heads as a new puzzle doing the rounds on social media baffles and confuses… Apparently if completed, this beaut proves you are dead clever and that.

The puzzle itself which challenges you to find your name within it has left people from all over the web stumped, despite your name being in the puzzle three times, The Mirror reports.

According to TryLife, who created the sneaky wordsearch brainteaser, if you can solve it you’re in the top 8% of people in the world which would make you one of the smartest people on the planet… So, the big question…

Can you solve it?



However if like us, you struggled a little… You will find the answers for the cheeky puzzler below:



If you’re still a little unsure… You weren’t supposed to be looking for your own name (Babs, Fay or Tom etc) you were merely on the hunt for the phrase “your name”. Fun or what!