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Awesome Makeup Effects–Beauty Blogger Does Glam By Day And Gore By Night

Web makeup artists seem to have one thing in common–they’re all seemingly beautiful. Of course, their knack for choosing the right shades and their skill at applying makeup really helps. But it can get boring watching girls pretty themselves up day after day or hour after hour. I mean, we all do have other things to do besides glam up our faces, right?

On that note, Mykie at Glam&Gore does things a bit differently. Just pay attention to the name of her YouTube channel. She adds a pinch of goriness to the gorgeousness. The result is simply awesome. In a word: WOW. Check out how creative this girl really is with makeup.


This is Mykie from Glam&Gore.

Beauty Blogger Glamorous By Day And Frightening By Night

Need help with your false eyelashes? She’s got that covered.

Trying to get that perfect vampy red lip? No worries. Mykie comes to the rescue.

The perfect cat eye? No problem with Mykie

And for that special date or party where you want your face to look like it’s covered in dragon skin and your eye is falling out…

As it turns out, Mykie brings a whole new meaning to transitioning your look from day to night.

But in my opinion, Mykie’s most incredible transformations happen when her two beauty passions collide.

Combining the softness  everyday looks with special makeup effects techniques creates an undeniably stunning result.

Check out one of her tutorials. If you’re anything like every other human on the planet, you’ll love this Game of Thrones look.


Simply put: WOW!!!

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