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Hilarious – Bicycle Seat Explodes By Bike Police? Think Before You Steal A Bicycle

It would be the best thing that ever happened to any bicycle owner, and we wonder why bicycle manufacturers haven’t thought of something like this or along these lines before. Here, these guys are teaching some people a lesson will with what is a bike prank, but could change the minds of bicycle thieves. These guys at TwinzTV have a new Bait Bike series, where they rig a bicycle seat with an air bag. They could deploy the airbag remotely, so they sit patiently as bicycle thieves decide to make their move. Once they get on the bike, as they start writing away, the airbag is set off, giving them the ride and shock of a lifetime with a big BOOM! Great Life Lessons!!!

Think of how bad you felt when you stepped outside and didn’t find your bicycle when you were a kid. Bike stealing has been going on forever by lazy ass thieves who always want something that doesn’t belong to them. Will these guys have something to tell them and we think they get their message across. Fight back and laugh while you’re at it.

Can it be true?

Could the bicycle seat explodes by the Bike Police in your neighborhood?

We bet there’d be lots of happy kids and adults if such a thing did exist.

Two Thumbs Way Up for this Life Lesson. What a great way to catch thieves.

Watch how bad guys get schooled. Lots of footage with lots of low class thieves that is absolutely hilarious. Sit back and enjoy!


Hey just stop stealing!