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Bottle Garden Not Watered For 50 Years! WTF. Watch How You Can Grow One Too

Most people don’t like gardening because it’s time-consuming. If you can take all the work and commitment out of it, more people would be on board. So this is what David Latimer did. He created a beautiful garden in a bottle. What???!!! Yup. And you can do it too.

He’s only watered it ONCE in 50 YEARS. Is that even possible? Hard to believe, but yeah, it’s possible, even if you don’t have a green thumb. This all began in 1960…How-to Video follows images.

Mr. Latimer left the bottle alone the truly under his stairs for decades. It may seem unbelievable, but it began with just a quarter pint of water, only to be watered once again in 1972. That was 12 years after it began.

This is a self-contained water cycle process. The water becomes absorbed by the roots, and then transpired into the air. From there, it condenses right back down to the bottom of the bottle. Oxygen and moisture are created by photosynthesis.


If you know anyone who loves gardening, give them this challenge. It’s an interesting way to garden, as well as to decorate your home.