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A Step-By-Step Guide In How To Make A Brain Cake Recipe And Rule Halloween Like a Zombie

Well, it’s that time of year again – Halloween. Everyone tries to outdo themselves to make gross foods, scary desserts, and of course, frightening Halloween decorations. This post is dedicated to grossing out your guests with a brain cake.

A Step-By-Step Guide in How to Make a Brain Cake Recipe


How To Make A Brain Cake Recipe


Don’t let anyone use a fork. It’s all about being gross and acting like a crazy zombie, so you have to use your hands.

It all starts with a deep red velvet cake, which happens to be the inside of the disgusting brain. It’s an Italian meringue buttercream that’s lightly iced and topped with fondant patterns resembling brain tissue. Pretty gross, right? I think most people would agree. However, it really is delicious if you can get past the appearance.





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