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British Isles Non-PC Stereotypes Mapped

British Isles Non-PC Stereotypes MappedPA

Us Brits aren’t great at a lot of things and generally speaking we would be the first to admit that.

We are crap at sports, our cuisine is… different, and the weather is fucking dismal most of the time.

That said, one thing we do pretty damn well is self-deprecating humour. If ever we have the opportunity to take the piss out of ourselves, we will bloody well do it and do it well.

Baring this in mine, one inventive Reddit user mapped out stereotypes for regions across the UK for us all to laugh (or possibly cry) at.

British Isles Non-PC Stereotypes MappedReddit

Looking at the map, London is of course just for the “metropolitan elite”, which is pretty fair considering mere mortals can’t even afford a shed there….

Lincolnshire is now “Brexitland”, having voted overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the European Union in last years referendum.

Meanwhile East Sussex is especially for “gays and hippies”; and in references to both TOWIE and Geordie Shore, Essex and Newcastle respectively are known for their “fake tan”, with Essex also having the grand title of being the land of “fake tits”. Pure class.

British Isles Non-PC Stereotypes MappedGetty

The city of Hull is simply labelled “hell”, while Yorkshire is branded as “Thatcher hated north of here”… The Midlands is branded “post-industrial hell”, while the home counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire are full of “boring rich people” and “posh nerds”… A pretty accurate representation.

Some suggestions were reasonably creative, however some lazy stereotypes still reared their heads including the Welsh and their over-fondness of sheep (classic) and the “thieves” based in deepest, darkest Liverpool.

British Isles Non-PC Stereotypes Mapped

Despite taking the majority of these sweeping generalisations with a pinch of salt, some are complimentary also… Like the Lake District which is known rather unimaginatively for its “pretty lakes”; likewise the highlands of Scotland are simply labelled as “uninhabited” while the rest of the country is known for “accents that are impossible to understand.

Meanwhile, Ireland is basically just known for Guinness.
British Isles Non-PC Stereotypes Mapped
What a legend.

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