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She Said This When Her Friend’s Daughter Was A Target Of Bullying At School For Her Weight!

With more than a third of children and adolescents overweight or obese, everyone recognizes the fact that childhood obesity is a serious issues these days. How the problem is combated is the key to this young generation. A young girl was subjected to bullying in school and beyond for her weight.

Kara Waite was shocked when she discovered that her friend’s daughter was being insulted by her doctor and her teachers because she was overweight! And this was done directly to the girl’s face. So Kara Waite had something to say on Facebook.

Yes, it’s true that a healthy lifestyle is necessary in maintaining the ideal weight, however, it should not negatively affect one’s emotional state.

Waite says, “Love her exactly as she is. Accept her exactly as she is. Like her, too, and let her know it. Fill her up with love and like and acceptance so she doesn’t learn to get it from cookies and Doritos and sundaes and pizza.”

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