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Christmas Party Fun Game – The ‘Saran Wrap Ball’ Is A Must!


For your next Christmas party, here is a game for everyone, regardless of age. And it is so much fun. The Saran Wrap Ball is a huge ball of Saran Wrap that’s loaded with candies and other goodies layered within the ball. Oh, but that’s not it. In the center of this ball is an incredible prize.

How to play:

  • Player 1 begins unwrapping. Meanwhile, Player 2 on the right rolls a pair of dice. The best roll is doubles.
  • When doubles are rolled, the ball is passed over to the next player, and so on. Player 1 keeps unrolling until the player to the right of them rolls doubles. Can you handle the suspense? I think the kids won’t be able to.
  • As the player unrolling continues, they get to keep all their treasures.
  • When putting together this ball of goodies, make sure the best gift is in the middle.

You can modify the rules and the gifts. It can even be a “sex” game, if you desire.

So you can also play this game at wedding showers and bachelorette parties.

Try this fun game with your kids this holiday season.


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