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Unbelievable Video On Crazy Weather May Be A Signal That The End Is Near

Just taking a look around us, most of us already know that the end of days is quite near. So many strange things are occurring, and there’s so much bad news each and every day. But beyond that, it’s the weather! There are some crazy things about the weather all over the world. Canada is experiencing warmer temperatures than California, which would normally be unheard of. Let’s say that’s attributed to El Niño.

But this video shows something really different.  As quoted by the YouTuber, “Insane. The temp dropped 19 degrees in as many minutes, and there had to be thousands of tumbleweeds.”

I think this sort of thing kind of makes everyone wonder just how much time we have.

Either the end is approaching, or tumbleweeds migrate to warmer areas every year and we’re just finding out about it now. Either way, no thanks!
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