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You Can Cure Bad Breath Forever By Simply Doing This! WOW!

Did you know that tonsils can cause bad breath? Yes, it’s true, tonsils can cause bad breath. Who needs bad breath? Absolutely no one. For one thing, it may leave a bad impression with people used talk to. Tooth decay can be the culprit, as can other serious health issues, but you can cure bad breath forever by simply doing this.

The medical term for bad breath is halitosis.

How do tonsils cause bad breath? It is the result of tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are small dots that can be seen on the tonsils. The tonsils release gas resulting in an awful odor similar to sulfur. You can see them in the back of your mouth, and they are white or cream colored.

Basically, tonsil stones are bacteria, mucus, or stored foods collected in the throat. If you can’t do it alone, the tonsil stones can be removed through surgical procedures.

However, this video shows how to remove tonsil stones at home to cure bad breath…



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