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Did You Know There’s A Place With Over 900 Stray Dogs Waiting To Play With You!

Welcome to the Land of the Stray Dogs. In Spanish it’s known as ‘Territorio de Saguates’.

On the map, these 900 stray dogs are in Costa Rica and it is considered one of the best places on earth for dogs to live. 

dogs roaming

It’s a massive refuge home to 900+ stray dogs that are free to roam throughout the day. Every day they get fresh flowing water over the property and are have a bed in a sheltered structure that volunteers go to feed and bathe the dogs.

dogs roaming4

 This refuge is also a ‘no kill’ environment, which is totally awesome! This free range sanctuary explores how a free range environment improves health and adaptability.

dogs roaming3

Each dog is has a name. You can adopt – just schedule a walking hike on the property, and if any of the dogs choose you, you will be permitted to adopt them. Of course, everyone is welcome to just go for a free hike to hang out with the dogs![sociallocker]

dogs roaming5[/sociallocker]

What an awesome place! A dog lovers dream! s

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