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DIY Enthusiast Makes An AWESOME Coke Bottle Gatling Gun

DIY enthusiast, Joerg Sprave, is a German known on the internet for his contraptions of rubber band-based slingshot/crossbow-type. He’s also highly skilled in making other weapon-y things too. Check out his ‘Coke Bottle Gatling Gun‘

The mechanics are actually relatively simple. Six Coke bottles tied together like chambers for a large revolver. But, in accordance with strict German gun laws, he ensures it’s not made to shoot arrows ‘like bullets’. Each bottle serves as a reservoir for air, pressurized by a bike pump. The airflow on the way out is regulated by a small valve. When released, it shoots out the barrel where the arrow sits.

In other words, it’s a Coke bottle Gatling gun! Pretty awesome.

DIY Enthusiast Makes An AWESOME Coke Bottle Gatling Gun 


What an inventor!