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Easy DIY Glowing Halloween Tulle Wreath To Spook Trick Or Treaters

Check out this easy DIY glowing Halloween tulle wreath! It looks great and expensive, but it’s a simple project that’s also affordable. It doesn’t get better than that! This fun DIY Halloween project will surely get you into the Halloween spirit! [sociallocker]

For Your DIY Glowing Halloween Tulle Wreath You’ll Need


about 3 rolls of tulle (possibly a bit more), orange ribbon, lights, decorations, and a Styrofoam wreath. Wrap the orange ribbon around the Styrofoam wreath and pin it in place. Then, hot glue or pin the lights, the orange tulle, and the decorations in place. Get creative with the decorations. Here, the example shows the word spooky and some bats, but you can compensate using other Halloween terms and items that are associated with this special day, like black cats, witches, spiders, and the like.

Don’t be shy to show us your creation!