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Domino’s Pizza Introduces Wipe Clean Onesie!


It’s official… Domino’s have reached the top of the pizza league table!

The chain say that they are expecting to sell a whopping seven pizzas per second on New Year’s Day 2017… Now, that’s all great… But what next following these heady-highs I hear you ask…? Well, that’d be fashion. Yes that’s right, fashion.

The girls and boys over at Domino’s have been busy developing the ultimate in food-safe style to get you kitted out whilst you gorge on their cheesy deliciousness. This massive development comes in the form of the pizza themed (obviously) wipe-clean onesie! I kid you not. This little beauty combines a clever stain-proof fabric and soft velveteen for added comfort so that you can devour in comfort, style and put to bed all those worries about getting garlic and herb dip all down your front…!



Louise Butler from Domino’s said:

We expect January 1st to be our busiest day of the year as the whole nation puts their feet up to unwind after bidding farewell to a surprise-filled 2016. We know there’s nothing quite like a freshly handmade pizza and a box set on New Year’s Day so what better way to celebrate the start of 2017 than with the launch of the ultimate relaxation accessory “ not only is our home uniform cosy but it’s wipeable and comes with an extra serving of Domino’s cheeky humour on the side!


You can now grab your sweet new pizza uniform for £25 at selected Domino’s branches; better still, all profit from their new fashion staple will go to a number of charitable causes. Now finally, here’s a nice little factette for anyone considering a cheeky Domino’s on New Year’s Day, there will be more than 8,000 Domino’s chefs in the UK alone ready to go throughout NYD.