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Every Hate Tweet This Muslim Woman Receives She Donates $1

This Muslim woman is making the most of a bad situation. With every hateful tweet she gets from anti-Islamic bigots, she tries to fight it with something positive…she donates $1.00 to UNICEF. Susan Carland, a 34-year-old converted Muslim living in Melbourne, Australia decided to make those toxic messages fuel not more toxicity, but instead, positive change.

A sociologist with a PhD saw that something good can come out of something negative, hateful, and hurtful.

This is her story…

“One day [after] reading the merry stream of toxicity directed towards me, I wondered what the most edifyingly Islamic response I could give would be.”

“And so the idea of donating $1 to UNICEF for every hate-filled tweet I received came to me”

“hey were assisting children who were in horrific situations that were the direct outcome of hate – war, poverty due to greed, injustice, violence”

“Donating to them every time I was abused felt like tangible good in response to virtual hate”

Her tweet even encouraged others to start donating

Some people noticed the irony of the situation, and hoped “the need for donations diminishes to zero asap”

“By refusing to let the hate of others mould me, I am more secure and relaxed in my own identity than ever”

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Donations and support started to flow from all over the world


Fighting hatred with anger doesn’t work as well as this! Way to go Ms. Carland

Image credits: Susan Carland

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