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Every Parent’s Dream…Irresistible Animal Fruit and Veggie Snacks That’ll Turn Kids Into Health Freaks

Irresistible fruit and vegetable snacks that will have your kids begging for more. It’s every parent’s dream.  If your kids don’t like the healthy snacks, make them more appealing.

Inspire them with delicious treats that are really healthy but look more like candy.


This octopus is made with a halved green apple and halved green grapes. The face can be made with icing or chocolate chips, as above.

This snack is as easy as 1-2-3. Peel a tangerine and place the fruit right back in the trimmed peel, then draw a snail’s friendly face.

Vitamin C and antioxidants are all about this snack. Slice oranges or tangerines and place on a plate. Carrot slices are perfect for the orange fish’s tails, and strawberry or raspberry bits can help you design their mouths. Arrange fresh blueberries as bubbles above their mouths to complete the artistic design.

Mmmm. Banana, sliced and filled with peanut butter (nutella can also work) and finished with coconut and pretzels. Chocolate chips work great for this caterpillar’s eyes!

Most kids love lambs and this is a great way to get them to dig into some healthy cauliflower. Place a dip by its side and they’ll be begging for more. To make this adorable healthy veggie snack, cut up the cauliflower and arrange it as above. Use black olives, pitted of course. For the head, use a whole pitted olive, and for the legs and ears, slice another and arrange.  For the eyes, dot with the dip and voila.

This fruit and cheese mouse snack is adorable, yummy, and healthy. Use a pear with one side sliced off. A bosc pear is best for this snack, and then rest it on a plate. The ears and whiskers are made of carrots and celery, inserted in the thin slices you make in the right spots for them on the pear. A cheese string is perfect for the tail. Slice cheese and cut it in a circle for the nose. Eyes can be made of candy, icing, or even sprinkles.

A green apple slice is used for the body of the turtle, and its head and feet are made with grapes. Top the body with more sliced grapes. Finish the eyes with sprinkles, for example.

Orange or tangerine slices can be used to create this delicious and smart owl snack. Bananas and blueberries complete the eyes.

Slice a pear in half for the body, then arrange baby carrots for the legs and nose. For the peacock feathers, arrange grape halves, topped with blueberries. It’s beautiful and appealing to taste buds.

Source: BuzzFeed