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Experienced Wildlife Photographer While Out at Sea Had a Shocking Surprise

Dale Frink is a wildlife photographer that also knows how to swim, thankfully. In the summer, he chartered a boat in San Diego, where he was the sole passenger aboard, along with the captain. At some point they spotted several blue whales that were feeding in the open waters. Not too long after, the whales submerged in the water leaving the captain to search for them. During that time, the boat approached the whales, unbeknownst to the captain. Just behind the boat, one whale abruptly surfaced, causing the boat to become unbalanced, while seconds later, a second whale surfaced from the right, causing the boat to tip over!

And all of it was caught on camera, thanks to the GoPro front-facing camera that Frink had mounted onto the boat. Watch exciting unedited footage that shows the captain and Frink surviving the ordeal, and how they were rescued.



Source: Storyful