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Garlic Breath? Sort It Out

Garlic BreathJJ Harrison

We all know that in addition to being delicious, garlic is perfect for keeping away vampires, as they can’t abide bad breath…

But, if like us,you just cannot stop munching on garlic bread and want to attract a vampire to your growing menagerie of friends, you’ll be interested to know that there is a clever little way to rid yourself of bad breath after enjoying clove of garlic or 5, reports the BBC.

The rather unusual reason why your breath smells of garlic whole hours after eating an delicious Italian, is because garlic is packed full of sulfuric compounds which are released into the bloodstream once the body has finished digesting them.

Garlic Breath

Basically, this means no matter how much mouthwash you swig you will fail to rid yourself of the smell because it’s not in your mouth… It’s in your blood.

So how do you beat bad breath, when it’s now blood orientated?

Well according to foody scientists you essentially fight fire with fire, and use chemistry to defeat the stinky sulphur compounds in your blood.


Garlic Breath

Researchers have discovered that eating apples, basil, celery, chicory, lettuce, mint leaves, parsley, peppermint, potato and mushrooms alongside the garlic will help to reduce the odour. Scientists believe these foods are most likely remove garlic odours because of a chemical reaction between four of garlic’s sulphur compounds and molecules called phenolics present in the foods.

They discovered that when they got volunteers to chew garlic along with these foods that when they exhaled into a mass spectrometer, a device that detects elemental molecules, there was less sulphur.

Garlic Breath

Rather obviously mint has the most phenolics and is the best at killing smelly odours but it turns out that lettuce, which has contains barely any phenolics, is also good at stopping stinky breath.

So in conclusion, munch a leaf of lettuce after you’ve polished off a piece of garlic bread and you’ll be fine.