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Genius Way to Get Your Kids to Wash Their Hands Before Eating

Kids hate wasting their time washing their hands before a meal (sometimes adults are the same). They figure their hands are clean enough. Too much in a hurry for cleanliness? Not after they see this…

A teacher explained the importance of handwashing, and posted a photo along with her explanation.

It was an experiment that she thought was cool but gross. It was a lesson in how germs spread. She used 3 pieces of bread, each to be placed in a separate bag. The kids see each piece go in the bag like this:





1. while wearing a glove. This is the controlled bag.

2. after washing hands. This is the clean bag.

3. after passing around the piece of bread to the entire class that has “clean” hands. This is the dirty bag.

Each bag is labelled appropriately. Next, watch how the germs take over and change the bread.

Germs are nasty, and learning the importance of handwashing is one of the best lessons to learn in life.

It will make kids (and adults) think twice before putting their dirty hands in a bag of chips or a box of cookies. Those germs will get on the bag and all of its contents, breeding just in time for the next person to enjoy. Lovely? Pretty disgusting.