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Got Skin Tags? This Home Remedy is the Natural Way to Remove Them

Skin tags are unsightly and good for nothing, but they are harmless and quite common. They grow in areas like the eyelids, at the base of the neck, and the armpits.Some may be more prone to growing them than others, and if you’re the unlucky one, then you’re probably seeking out the best ways to remove them.

Dermatologists can certainly do the job, but this can end up getting expensive. Over-the-counter medicines can freeze them right off. Some choose to manually remove them, but that is definitely not recommended.


An easier and very effective method invovles ACV or apple cider vinegar. Just dip a cotton ball in some ACV and apply to the skin tag about three times a day for several days. As days pass, the skin tag will grow darker in color. Cheap, safe and completely safe to use, ACV is worth a try.