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Ditchee On Date, Receives Brutal Explanation

Guy Gets Ditched In Middle Of DateTwitter @Ronoo_

It’s every online dater’s worst nightmare come true… You don’t look as good in real life as your photos which causes your date to “go the toilet” and flee out of the window.

This guy who simply goes by the name “Trouble” on Twitter, was taking a girl to the cinema to see Star Wars Rogue One and was under the impression that it was going rather well…. However, it seems like the girl had other ideas and suffered from what can only be described as “disappointment at first sight” as she wanted to be around someone better looking… Her words.


The brutal exchange in its entirety is below…


“Shorty” said she was going to the bathroom, then dashed leaving only a shamefully savage text message.


In a beautifully self-deprecating way, Trouble said that he was “ugly on Twitter and in person”…


Clearly burned by his unforgiving “shorty”, Trouble warns the world to not “expect shit from nobody”…


He didn’t want sex, he just wanted to “show her how I function”…


After some flirtatious Twitter messages the pair decided to go on a date, but now this guy is left clearing up the remaining crumbs of his self-esteem from a cinema carpet.

Has shallow just reached new depths?

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