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He Found A Treasure While Cleaning His Room – Unbelievable!!!

A thorough spring cleaning is good in any house, especially when it uncovers hidden treasures, like in this case. After cleaning an old armoire he had bought secondhand, he discovered framed pictures, completely covered in dust. Don’t you wish your next garage sale find could turn up something so incredible too!!!


Beneath the armoire was a special treasure hidden by someone…

The first framed photo was a CEL from a movie, Pinnochio: Emperor of the Night, which was intended to be a sequel to the original.

Check out this seal of authenticity!

And if that’s not enough, there was a certificate of authenticity on the back. Wow.

And if that weren’t enough, there was an original drawing from the film behind the certificate!!! It just gets better and better.

The other framed photo was a CEL from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

After dusting  it off, things became very clear.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a happy ending without similar certifications, as with the other framed photo, and it did have its own certifications.

(via Reddit)

Is that inspiration enough to make you want to clean your own home? Or, perhaps going hunting for these treasures at flea markets and garage sales.

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