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Health Benefits of Lemon Tea

When the word tea is just uttered, our attention would turn immediately in the direction the word came and our senses will tell us to say yes for a cup of tea. Isn’t it? That’s the mesmerizing spell cast by this beverage. Tea did not remain as the common milk tea that we often consume. Tea has caught up the imagination of connoisseurs and transformed itself into various forms. To name a few, we hear black teas, green teas, flavoured teas and combination of flavours with black or green teas thereof. Among the flavoured teas the first and foremost name comes to our mind is lemon tea. Indeed, the lemon tea has taken lion’s share of flavoured teas and become the tea buff’s favorite. Lemon tea is generally harmless and can be consumed by anyone. Let us look at the uses, health benefits and the most importantly the preparation method of making a good and healthy lemon tea.

What is lemon tea?

Lemon tea is one form of black tea or green tea liquor blended with right quantity of lemon juice just before serving. As you add lemon juice the colour of tea liquor changes and this is especially pronounced when added to black tea. It is known as “Bathochromic Shift” making the tea to taste extremely good than normal plain tea. Possibly this phenomenon is responsible for its popularity.  Right quantity of lemon juice should be added for perfect taste. Anything beyond that turns tea difficult to consume. Lemon tea is always made with regular leaf tea or green teas.

How to prepare a good lemon tea?

Not every method of making tea will make a good lemon tea. There is a specific method for preparing good lemon tea. Take a cup of water and set it for heating. As the water is just about to boil, put off the flame. Add three quarters of a tea spoon of tea leaf if you want little strong or about half a tea spoon for lighter version to the water. You may use green tea instead of regular leaf tea in the same proportion. Allow it brew for about 2 minutes and nothing more. Take a fresh lemon and squeeze a quarter portion into your freshly brewed tea liquor. Add sugar to your taste. Now savour your lemon tea in leisure!


You may add honey instead of sugar to make it healthier. Add fresh ginger or ginger powder to make it more invigorating. You may drop couple of mint leaves for added health benefits besides making your cup of tea colourful. Lemon grass makes your lemon tea more exiting. If you are a little experimental, try adding a pinch of rock salt or kala namak as it is alternatively known, and relish the new taste.


Health benefits of lemon tea
Lemon juice is very well known for its natural antiseptic properties. On the other hand tea is supposedly the best alternative to carbonated drinks and coffee. A combination of both leads to added benefits on health beyond our imagination.

>Lemon Tea Benefits for Cold and Flu
Cleansing action and mental health

Lemon Tea is a Natural antiseptic

Reduction of swelling arising out of surgery
anesthesia. It also helps in reducing uneasy condition during menstrual cycle of women.


Cancer preventive

Lemon tea contains strong antioxidants and rich in vitamin C. A combination of these two strongly works on free radicals in neutralizing them. This is the main reason for believing that lemon tea reduces the risk of cancer in people who consume lemon tea regularly. Although there is no recorded evidence or research information, a likely hood of the benefit seems to be strongly possible.

Good times and best uses of lemon tea
There are always some good times and best uses when you are savouring your favorite lemon tea.


  • As a first cup in the morning lemon tea rejuvenates you for the whole day. It invigorates your metabolism and keeps you in good spirits.
  • Lemon tea is such a drink that in freezing cold conditions it will make you feel warm from inside and a freezing ice cold tea will help you combat the heat during summers.
  • A warm lemon tea makes a good agent to get rid any foul smells from the hands as hand wash. Take a warm cup of lemon tea and rub your hands for a refreshing feeling.


Restriction with lemon tea

  • Not advisable during Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Persons with high blood pressure are discouraged against its regular use
  • If you are down with diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome you must avoid lemon tea. Instead you may take plain black tea.
  • If you are using any specific medications for any ailments then you should clarify with your doctor, especially in case of ayurvedic or homeopathic preparations.

Now what are you looking for? Rush to your kitchen, make yourself a cup of lemon tea and discover its flavor by yourself.

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