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Heartbreaking Photo Of 89-Year-Old Popsicle Vendor Brings Internet Donations Of $250,000

An 89-year-old popsicle vendor seen pushing his heavy cart with the struggle made waves on the Internet. It was  Joel Cervantes Macias who spotted Fidencio Sanchez struggling to push the popsicle cart in an effort to pay bills, when they recently lost their only daughter. With his wife ill, the 89-year-old popsicle vendor had to push the cart all alone.


“It broke my heart seeing this man that should be enjoying retirement still working at this age,” wrote Macias.

To help the man, MaciasSo  bought 20 popsicles for $50. From there, Macias and his friend Joe Loera started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $3,000 for Fidencio and his wife. It didn’t take long for the Internet to respond. They reached their goal and topped it by another $247,000 or so, in only five days.  Obviously, the American people and those around the world continue to be very giving and caring.

Joel Cervantes Macias saw Fidencio Sanchez struggling to push his popsicle cart in Chicago and he knew he had to help the 89-year-old

Image credit:  Joel Cervantes Macias

He and his friend started a GoFundMe campaign asking the internet to donate $3,000

Image credit: gofundme

Strangers from all over the world donated over $250,000!

Video credit: Joel Cervantes Macias
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