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Feel Good Video When A High School Basketball Team Manager Suited Up For Last Game

Joey Burnham, has a serious passion for basketball. Joey, a senior at Maine’s Sanford high school, has a developmental disability that doesn’t allow him to compete on the court. So, he chose to be  the basketball team’s manager.

The long-time team manager got a huge surprise when he was asked to suit up and play during the teams last home game!

With less than a minute left of the game against Thornton Academy, both teams agreed to let the clock run out and make the rest of the game all about Joey! How sweet.

Joey took control of the ball, threw a few failed free throws and then moved to the three point line. One shot from outside, a miss, the second shot….swish! The crowd went wild and the smile on Joey’s face was nothing shy of incredible! As the crowd chanted ‘we love Joey’, the game ended and Joey had a memory that will no doubt last a lifetime!

Both teams showed incredible sportsmanship! This is what team sports are all about! Watch this feel good video.


Did you get teary-eyed or choked up, too?