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A Hippo Came Into Their House – What Happened Next IS Just INSANE!

Hoedspruit, South Africa. Jessica is a ten year-old female Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius). But unlike all of her hippo friends and family, she doesn’t live in local rivers or swamps. Oh no, she lives somewhere quite unusual indeed. She lives in a house! Her new friends are human, but you’d never know by the way they all interact – it’s like Jessica and her adoptive family are all the same species.

Jessica is quite unusual because hippos are famed for their aggressive temperament. But she isn’t. She’s so very gentle, it’s actually quite sweet to see. In fact, this friendly hippopotamus has really left quite an impression on the world, she’s even got a fan club!

The hippo that lives in a house. It’s a crazy story, but it’s true! And you’re going to love hearing about it…



Nice story…