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We’re Honest As F*ck, Thankfully

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Have a dirty mouth? Not mind, Mouth! Then chances are you are one hell of an honest person 🙂

If you swear like a navvy turning the air blue with your four lettered curse tirades, you may well just be the person that others should trust.

This is according to a joint study by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Maastricht University, Stanford University and the University of Cambridge, those people who swear more frequently are considered more sincere than those who keep their profanity to a minimum.

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Swearing (or cursing) is deemed to be an “unfiltered, genuine expression of emotions” – we do it when we are sad, happy, or most of the time, fewmin’.

This study may well go some way to explaining why when president-elect Donald Trump (who liberally uses the word “hell”) promised to “knock the shit out of Isis” he was hailed for his authenticity by those who voted for him. It’s also apparently a common trait seen in suspects wrongly convicted of committing crimes; as those who are innocent have previously been found to swear more than those who are guilty.

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The study also found that people who swore more-regularly were the least likely to lie (which if you’re an honest person, isn’t too hard to figure out). More interestingly though, is that this trend appeared to cross several communication channels too, with those who cursed more on the likes of Facebook also lying less frequently online to make themselves appear better or more interesting to family, friends, or co-workers, Global News reports.

Keen to avoid vain people…? Seems that a decent comb through their online statuses, keeping only those whose timeline reads like a script from cult-classic Pulp Fiction, and binning the rest may well be the best way forwards! #Unfollow

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Co-author David Stillwell, from the University of Cambridge, said:

There are two ways of looking at it. You might think if someone is swearing a lot, this is a negative social behaviour seen as a bad thing to do, so if someone swears they are probably a bad person as well.

On the other hand, they are not filtering their language so they are probably also not putting their stories about what is going on through similar filters which might turn them into untruths.

So if you really want to know if you look like utter shit today, ask someone who swears like a sailor.