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This Horse Was Dying Of Hypothermia — Rescuers Raced Against The Clock To Save Him

This horse was dying of hypothermia. Not only was he rescued 33 years ago, but this Arabian horse required to be saved a second time in his life. As a baby cold, he was dying of starvation, and then he was resurrected, thanks to his owner. He grew strong and beautiful. Unfortunately, this one day when the gate was left open for him, he slipped and fell on ice. He just couldn’t get back up. There he lay injured and freezing and it wouldn’t be long before he died of hypothermia.

Thankfully, rescuers raced against the clock to save him. Watch how this team gives Aww-gee the horse another chance at life.



When everyone else wished preferred the indoors during the cold weather, these people spent hours outdoors to save the life of a precious elderly horse. Hats off to you!!!

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