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How High School Students Promote Reading In Romania. It Can Work In Your School Too

Most kids don’t really get into reading until they reach their teens. As teenagers, they begin to understand and define themselves better. Great teachers will bring on positive changes that will encourage them to read and understand the value of great books.

Teens can relate to great role models in books that aren’t easy to find in real life. Good books are like conversing with the most important intelligent people from all over the world.  So, this girl began a Bookface  (Cărțile pe față) campaign, visiting different high schools and talking to students about how creativity is enhanced through reading.

The campaign was sponsored, and with that help, books were bought that were placed in the school yard, in a mini library, similar to those built by the Little Free Library. Personal testimonials were written by student readers on the first page of the books they read and liked. They signed their names on them, too. A Reading Class also received a T-shirt with a recommended title and the front reads, “You are what you read.”

This got others who weren’t necessarily readers to borrow a book someone from the group recommended, to read it and discuss it with the member. This prompted another Reading Class, and more sponsors were sought to grow interest. You can do the same in your school, and if you need help developing this idea, these guys are ready to help.


They should try this in every school to develop young minds and help them grow.


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