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Got A Fireplace? Here’s How To Get Unlimited Free Firewood Forever

Finally a solution for that unlimited amount of junk mail (although I’ve got other words for it). Most of us are bothered by all this useless paper in our mailboxes, that either end up in the garbage or the recycling bin. Well, here’s a solution for everyone, a life hack to top all others!!! Got a fireplace?  Turn that useless junk mail into unlimited free firewood forever. Imagine never having to buy more firewood.

Just think how much better this would be for everyone. Now junk mail can be a heat source for indoors and out.




The junk mail is turned into paper bricks that can burn for hours. You can also use this for campfires, but NEVER COOK FOOD OVER THE JUNK MAIL BECAUSE IT’S HAZARDOUS and always be cautious with fire.

Remember to ask neighbors to share their junk mail with you.



via – Tiny House Listings

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