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How To Tell The Type Of Woman She Is By Her Sleeping Positions

Happy woman laying on bed

Certain sleeping positions reveal lots about women. We all have our favorite sleeping position, but each one has a story to tell about you. This is a great way for a guy to know more about a girl, but also good for women to know more about themselves.

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Sleeping Free-fall.

Happy woman laying on bed

You have a welcoming personality if you sleep on your tummy, your hands tucked under the pillow. You can also be really sensitive at times.

You Have To Hug Something?


Huggers who love to hug a teddy bear or a pillow means they are trusting, trustworthy and sometimes TOO open with others.

Sleeping Like A Straight Board.


You’re most likely a very quite and reserved person. You also think highly of yourself, which isn’t a bad thing.

Side Logger.


You’re calm and trusting, but sometimes a little bit too trusting.

So, which one are you?