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This Is How Your Dog Tells You He Loves You

You don’t have to speak dog to kow how your dog tells you he loves you. It’s all in his behavior. How do you know if your dog loves you? Read the signs! We can’t be entirely sure of what our furry babies are really thinking but sometimes it’s like they speak perfect English. Sometimes their devotion is obvious, and others— well, we sometimes have to wonder if they really just like the food they know we control. So how can we really tell if puppy love is real love? Check this list!

This Is How Your Dog Tells You He Loves You

how your dog tells you he loves you

1. He licks your face.

Yes, it disgusts a lot of people, but dogs don’t know what germs are! He just wants to groom you, and grooming is a sign of a pup’s love. This sign of intimacy only happens when your dog feels a strong bond. So, even if you’re not comfortable with the licking, know that you’re loved!

2. He shares his toys.

When your dog runs into a room and drops a toy in your lap, it may be that he wants to play. It could also mean he’s bringing you an offering! Sharing his toys is your dog’s way of showing his affection and acknowledging you as his “pack leader.”

3. He takes care of you when you’re sick or injured.

Well, at least, he tries to take care of you. Licking is a behavior inherited from wolves, who lick each other’s wounds to heal them. If your dog is on a licking binge when you’re sick, he’s probably trying to heal you. He may also just generally stay near you the whole time you’re not feeling well.

4. He cuddles after eating.

Food is the motivator for your pup, no matter what you’re training her to do or simply offering a prize for his good behavior. After eating he shows what his next priority is, and if he comes to cuddle with you right after dinner, that means it’s YOU! That would place you in second place, next to food, which is pretty good. So if your little furry baby comes kissing you after food, know that it’s truly a sign of love.

5. He follows you around.

If your dog follows you around the house no matter what you’re doing, he’s trying to keep his pack together. Dogs don’t require that “alone time” humans do, so if he loves you, he wants to be with you always.

6. He yawns when you yawn.

Does your dog yawn when you yawn. In truth, contagious yawns are widely understood as a sign of human empathy. That empathy isn’t just limited to humans, though as dogs do it, too! Dogs were bred by humans to be able to read and understand their owners. If your pup yawns when you do, know you can trust that bond and that he really loves you!

7. He sleeps in your bed.

Does your dog sleep with you in your bed? That’s total devotion! If your he keeps trying to sleep in your bed, or falls asleep near it means he’s totally dedicated to staying with his pack and that’s you!

8. He watches you leave calmly.

A dog who remains calm totally trusts you, and feels absolutely confident that you’ll return.

9. But, he flips out when you come back.

When you come back your dog can express his love for you. It’s a wonderful thing seeing him so happy to see you. So accept the excitement and adoration because that’s love in its purest form.

So what do you think? Does your furry baby love you in return just as much as you love him? We’re confident that your answer is Yes!

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