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Learn This Trick To Fall Asleep In Under a Minute

Sleep specialist will tell you that sleep is just as important to health as nutrition. Of course, the only people who know this is those who are lacking a good night’s rest, or several of them. After time, people simply can’t focus, they’re cranky, they gain weight, and more! Curing insomnia is important to good overall physical and mental health. Being awake all night and tired all day is no way to live, so here’s the trick to fall asleep in under a minute.

It’s known as the  ‘4-7-8 Breathing Technique’ and is considered to be a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system, developed by Dr. Andrew Weill. It works so well that it can help people fall into a deep sleep in less than 60 seconds. Be sure to pass this video on to anyone who is suffering from insomnia.

The breathing technique is based on the principles of meditation and yoga, and is demonstrated in the video below.


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