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Man Bathes In 500 Lbs Of Liquid Glass Putty – WHY!!!

Do you ever wonder why people do the craziest things? I always ask why and I always wonder what pushes or drives them to do it. Is it fame? Fortune? Who knows. Here, this guy decided to bathe in 500 Lbs of liquid glass putty. But really, why?


This is a cool Youtube channel, VAT19, that features ton of  interesting videos of various forms of putty. From liquid glass putty to magnetic putty, these guys have it all!

In this video, a bathtub is filled with 500 pounds of liquid glass putty…that’s right…500 pounds!!!

Once the tub is filled with the putty, a very daring man hops right in and immerses himself in the sticky, heavy liquid and just a warning to you…it is kinda hard to watch!

Take a look…

Hmmm. I have to wonder…