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Mind Blown: Man Creates Unbelievable Images Using Table Salt

His name is Rob Ferrel and he is one of the most talented and creative artists of our time. Rob doesn’t use a conventional medium when creating his art, in fact he uses nothing more than household table salt!!!

It seems that there are no limits to his exceptional talent… From portraits to murals, there really isn’t anything Rob can’t create with absolute perfection. His attention to detail is simply incredible and the fact that he uses nothing but table salt is simply mind blowing.

Check out these photos of some of the Mexican artists’ work below; there is also a video of Rob in action!



salt19  salt20  salt21  salt1  salt2  salt3  salt4  salt5  salt6  salt7  salt8  salt9  salt10  salt11  salt12  salt13  salt14  salt15  salt16