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It’s So Cold In Minnesota Jeans Stand On Their Own!!! What???

The weather doesn’t always work the same way. Hotter states should stay warm, but sometimes they get dumped with snow. Whatever the case, it’s gotten so cold in Minnesota jeans stand on their own!!! Pretty creative and freaky, right?

Take a look at the pictures below, as one person had the fun and creepy idea to make jeans freeze and stand on their own.



He wants to cheer up his neighbor and have some fun by placing frozen jeans all over his yard.

First the jeans were soaked in water and made to look like they had legs inside. The freezing temperatures did the rest.

“The fellas,” as Tom adorably calls them, “love to take trips around the city of Minneapolis.”

They’ve become so popular people are now creating their own “fellas.”

Making the best of the frigid cold, I guess.

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