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What??? Mother Teresa Not As Saintly As We Believed!

Mother Teresa is in the news, and reportedly, not like a saint. In this case. As reported by the Globe and Mail, a respectable Canadian newspaper, a team of Canadian researchers found Mother Teresa really wasn’t as selfless and saint like as many believed her to be. In fact, a study is going to be published soon in a French language journal of studies in religion and sciences, known asĀ Religieuses. They found that her approach to caring for the sick was kind of sickening. She believed the glory for thing was a better approach. She thought it was best that the sick suffer just like Jesus on the cross.

Mother Teresa

Her foundation had amassed millions of dollars but the doctors who visited the over 500 homes for the dying that Mother Teresa ran observed terrible conditions. There was a shortage of food, painkillers and care! And, the conditions were unhygienic.

But, Mother Teresa herself was treated in a modern American facility when she required medical treatment.

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