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The Mustache Shield? What Would You Do If You Saw A Man Wearing This In A Cafe?

I don’t know about you but sometimes I think people go too far with some lifestyle choices. I love mustaches but this mustache shield invention should never be worn in public, or at home for that matter. What would you think if you saw someone in a cafe or a restaurant wearing this to keep his mustache clean?

Or worse, what if you were sitting WITH that person so everyone would see how ridiculous you both are. Although, I think some people would be feeling sorry for you more than anything.

Awesome Invention? You be the judge.

Men can wear it around the head and look really appealing.

Use it on the coffee cup.

Protect the Stache when eating messy pasta.

No more worrying about a foamy beer mustache.

You never have to worry about drinking a healthy smoothie again.

Fits on almost any glass or cup.

Wear it as a hip necklace when you’re not using it.

Or, just insert it safely in its pouch.


The Mustache Shield is all about hygiene, after all.

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