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Unbelievable!!! Newborn Baby Buried Alive Under Rubble Rescued.

Newborn baby girl rescued after being buried ALIVE!!! WTF. Who does such a thing??? Apparently the mother! The NEWS video below tells all. It shows the two women describing how they heard the baby’s cries along a bike path. The baby was buried beneath the rubble. How sad that someone, especially a mother, could do this, but how wonderful that these two women saved the child, who was no more than 36 hours old.  I couldn’t believe it could be true, that people could be so evil. Watch the video below.

This California police officer is cradling the innocent baby left to die by a riverbed in Compton.

The parents could have done so many other things. They could have surrendered the baby in a hospital or a fire station. But, they chose to bury the child ALIVE. Thankfully, she’s in stable condition, after being treated at the scene and later transported to the hospital.

The mother has since been arrested, on November 29, 2015.